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Los Angeles Ocean Water Quality
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Los Angeles Ocean Water Quality

Los Angeles Ocean Water Quality

Not long ago, too much pollution from city sewage and storm drains spilled into Los Angeles ocean waters and too many surfers complained about infections and other water attributed illnesses. In response, namely through the organization Heal The Bay working with the Environmental Protection Agency, action to remedy the problems began.

The efforts paid off. Today Los Angeles' waters are measurably cleaner, with water quality reports cards available for most of our major beaches.

Water Quality - Monthly Report Card

Pay most attention to days after a rain as runoff from city streets affects bacteria levels in the ocean where storm drains, creeks and rivers release. Beach Closures and Rain Advisories


Common sense is your guide to safety in the water and experience is your protection in the waves. Become a strong swimmer. Water Safety Tips. Surf with a friend and near other strong swimmers. Check and know surf conditions before entering the water. Know riptide conditions. Surf within sight of a lifeguard whenever possible. Avoid rocky beaches, piers and other obstructions to start. Avoid waves breaking directly on the beach.

Log as much ocean time as you can, starting on small, gentle waves. Know your limits. Come out of the water before you are too tired, cold, far from others or sun-baked.


Climb on and off your board from the side. Try not to fall head first. Always try to land with your body flat to the water or your feet beneath you. If you fall head first, hold your hands out to protect your head, neck and spine from a shallow bottom. Try to fall to the wave side or behind your board and the wave will push your board away from you. Stay alert to approaching waves and to avoid contact or obstructing other surfers in the water. If a too big wave comes, push your board away to the side and dive under the wave to let it roll over. Start slow and steady and let your surf knowledge accumulate and enjoy it all.

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