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Los Angeles Surf Shops

WHERE TO GET ALL THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT - LA overflows with Board Riding shops and Sporting Goods stores selling surf boards and accessories. They are in mega malls, strip malls and among the storefronts in most LA communities, regardless of distance from the ocean.

If you don't have the knowledge of the right surf board or setup - even more if you do - you want a shop that specializes in surfing with sales staff who have logged their years in the waves. Below are dedicated surf shops, (mostly) on or near the waves.


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Becker Surf - Pier Avenue - 310-372-6419

ET Surf - Aviation Blvd. - 310-379-7660

Spyderboards -Pacific Coast Hwy - 310-374-8276

Spyder II - Pier Avenue (on the pier) - 310 - 374-2494

Soul Performance Surfboard - Artesia Bl 310-370-1428


El Porto Surfboards - Highland Ave. - 310-545-9626

Surf Concepts - N. Sepulveda Blvd. - 310.545.7397

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Becker Surf - Pac Coast Hwy - 310-456- 7155

Malibu Surf Shack - Pacific Coast Hwy - 310-456-8508

Zuma Jay's - Pacific Coast Hwy - 310-456-8044


ZJ Boarding House - Main Street - 888-799-5646

Mollusk - Pacific Avenue - 310-396-1969

Rider Shack - W. Washington Blvd. - 877-577-4225

Rocker Board Shop - Venice Blvd.- 310-397-8300