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Los Angeles Surf Forecasts


Los Angeles Surf Forecasts & Surf Reports


Surf forecasting, with the use of satellites, internet information sharing and computer modeling has become a science. That's good news as you'll know when and where the waves you want are coming. The less good news - so does everyone else.

Each beach has certain waves it will and won't receive depending upon the direction it faces. Tides determine the best times of day for wave quality with it being different and specific to each beach.

Surf and Tide Reports for Los Angeles are:

Wave Watch - Los Angeles

Surfline - North Los Angeles County

Surfline - South Los Angeles County

SoCalForecast - Ocean Buoy Forecasts

WetSand - Southern California

Watch The Water - Select A Beach

For which Los Angeles beaches are the best at collecting which particular swell direction - Los Angeles Beaches.


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