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Surfing Equipment
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Surfing Equipment

Surfing Gear

Like in most outdoor sports, the quality of your equipment ties to the enjoyment of your surfing and the speed in which you learn.  Why be cold?  Why flounder on a board that is hard to learn to ride? The essentials...

SURFBOARD – When learning, a surfboard in a classic long board shape, 8 foot+ depending upon your body weight, offers greater stability than shorter, narrower surfboards that you'll evolve toward.  A soft top board with cushion on the deck makes for a lighter landing on the inevitable falls all beginning surfers make.

WETSUIT – Depending on the season and water temp, this could range from a 'full suit" of a heavier thickness for the winter, to a short sleeve “spring suit” for the warmer seasons, to a simple rash guard if all is warm and it’s only the wind that brings the chill.  Booties on your feet provide the next level of warmth if needed and protect from rocks or other non-sand elements.

RASH GUARD – A simple pullover shirt worn under the wetsuit to prevent chafing or worn without a wetsuit to prevent the same where your body rubs against your surfboard while paddling.

LEASH – So you don’t have to chase your surfboard when the waves attempt to wash it to shore.

SUNSCREEN – Get the waterproof kind labeled to last during water sports activities.  Absolutely vital.

SURF WAX – To keep your feet sticking to your board.

DRINKING WATER BOTTLE – You’re performing serious athletics and it’s smart to have the replenishment when you get back to shore.

BACKPACK or Hand Bag – To easily carry all the above as you'll already be committing at least one arm to carrying your surfboard.

MORE – The local Surf Shops or Surf Rental store should be able to recommend more specifics and supply the basics you don’t already have.

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