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Los Angeles Surf Beaches
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Surfing Los Angeles

Los Angeles Surf Beaches

CHOOSING WHERE TO SURF: Knowing the best beach for surfing starts with knowing when there are waves, what swell direction the waves are coming from and which beaches catch which swell directions. Follow the Surf Forecasts. In Los Angeles, it's predominantly west wave swells in winter and south in summer. Know the best time of day for waves, as its always changing with the tide and wind. Look at a Tide Chart. Then its your preference for type of beach, your skill level and tolerance for crowds.


South County

Best Beginner Beaches


Classic California



Los Angeles Surf Beaches
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North County Beaches - Malibu north to County Line (CLICK HERE).

Mid County Beaches - Playa Del Rey through Santa Monica to Topanga (CLICK HERE).

South County Beaches - Manhattan Beach south to Palos Verdes (CLICK HERE).

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