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County Line

County Line

County Line gets its name from (near) it's location, a stretch of Pacific Coast Highway just north of the Los Angeles / Ventura county line, 30 miles above Santa Monica. As a surf spot, its the most consistent in north LA as its open ocean position catches more swells and direction, but everyone knows it, so even though the drive and semi-rural locale, you'll always have to share.

The longest rides break right off a point at the northern end of the beach. The rest is shorter ride beach break going both ways with some power, all over a sand and rock ocean floor.

BEST SWELL DIRECTION: Northwest. West. Southwest. BEST TIDE: Medium, but handles all with midsize swell. WAVE POWER: Gentle on the point to Moderate on the beach. WAVE QUALITY: Moderate to Nice. BOARD TYPE: All. PADDLE OUT: Easy to Moderate. SKILL: Intermediate.

Water Vibe

Locals mostly stay at the point and get first choice of waves, but with proper skill and etiquette, though crowded, there are waves for all. Can be lots of beginners because of the easy paddle.


Free parking along the highway on the beach and small area on the point. AMENITITES:

Beach Vibe

Not much people watching. Medium sand beach mostly with those who came with the surfers.


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